CS 695: Doctoral Seminar

Course number: CS 695

Semester: Spring 2020

Instructor: Kyle C. Hale (Office: SB 229C)

Instructor e-mail: khale [AT] cs [DOT] iit [DOT] edu

Office hours: In my office by appointment (e-mail me to set up)

TA: There will be no TA for this course

Lecture Time: There is no lecture for this course

Lecture Location:N/A

Syllabus: PDF


This course is required for all PhD students in computer science, and will expose the students to presentations from senior people in computer science from industry, government labs, and academia. The course will involve outside invited speakers, written summaries of presentations, and short oral presentations by the students. Students must complete this form for each seminar, within 12 hours of the seminar. The link to the form will be posted on the course website. Late submissions will be penalized 25% for every 24 hour period they are late. Submissions will not be accepted after 3.5 days as the penalties will make the submission be worth 0 points.

Seminars will be posted this schedule ahead of time, and students will be expected to attend. These will not necessarily occur weekly.

Your short presentations will be on a research topic of your choosing (ideally your own research). Students will give their short presentations during a meeting later in the semester (the date will be posted on the website). If more students register, we may have to give presentations in two blocks. I will list your names in which block you are presenting in if this is the case. If you have a conflict and must reschedule to the other block, or to another date entirely, please let me know well ahead of time.


You must be a PhD student in the CS department.


There are no required textbooks for this course. However, you may find the following list of books useful throughout your tenure as a PhD student here at IIT:


Presentation Block #1 - TBD


The following components will constitute your grade in this course:


We will be using Piazza for discussion and announcements. I will enroll you in the course page. I suggest you post your questions and comments on Piazza first before using direct e-mail. This way, the whole class can benefit from the answers.


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